Carne para Churrasco

10 Very useful Meat Tips for cooking!

-Thaw the package slowly in the refrigerator.
– Open the package so that the meat can regain its original color and odor.
– Place on a very hot grill/frying pan. Turn both sides quickly.
– Continue grilling/frying until it reaches the right point.

Hamburgers, bolognese, and pies.

It depends on whether it is for grilling/frying or baking. But of our products the Denver is the most versatile.

Know how to cook it well, that is, to be just right.

Put the olive oil in a very hot frying pan. When it is very hot turn the piece of meat on both sides until browned. Remove, season, and let rest for about 2 min.

You can, but there are parts of the pieces that are harder and you need a more specific knife. If you are arranging the meat you should have a paring knife, if you are cutting or slicing you should have a carving knife.

Having good meat and good seasonings.

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