How to barbecue: 5 tips for perfect barbecue meat

Carne para Churrasco

Meat with a toasted crust and juicy inside. For most people this is how the perfect barbecue has to be. But after all, what is the secret to making a good barbecue?

1) Choose the meat for the perfect barbecue

Choose by color. By the way, meat when fresh is very red – if it is dark it is a sign that it has been in the market for a long time. If your choice is picanha, buy small pieces. The picanha weighing more than 1.1 kg includes parts of coxão duro.

2) Place salt at the right time

Never salt the meat the day before. This causes the salt to suck the liquids out of the meat and leaves the barbecue dry. The ideal is to sprinkle coarse salt (on the meat and fat) five minutes before roasting. Don’t forget to beat the excess. Oh, and when it’s time to beat the salt, don’t use the knife and compromise the edge. Use a salt whisk.

3) Have two temperatures

Arrange the charcoal so that you get two temperatures on the grill. How to do this? Arrange the charcoal in the shape of a pyramid, ten centimeters from the skewers. At the top of the pyramid you will have a higher temperature for browning the meat, and at the opposite corner a lower one for slow cooking.

4) Start with the fat

Once you put the meat on the grill, roast it with the fat side up first . This will cause the fat to melt and penetrate the meat, leaving it juicy and flavorful. Another tip is to make incisions in the fat in a grid pattern, but without reaching the meat, to help loosen the flavor.

5) Know when to turn the spit

After the underside is browned, you can turn the fat back on the fire. The idea is to keep the heat from penetrating the meat and it roasts slowly.

By no means pierce the meat at this point, as this will cause the juices of the meat to be lost. If you are barbecuing on the grill, use a handle and avoid the fork so as not to pierce the meat.

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