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1. Object and Identification

These General Terms and Conditions (T&C) regulate the access and use of the website www.truebornbeef.com (“Site”), and apply to all visitors and users of the Site and to any operations, offers or transactions carried out through the Site.

Browsing and using the Site and transacting any products through the Site assumes full acceptance of these T&C.

The website www.truebornbeef.com (“Site”) and the trademark “True Born Beef” (registered in the European Union under No. 018234363) are owned by Monte do Pasto Lda, hereafter identified:

Monte do Pasto Lda

Headquarters: Herdade do Trolho – Caminho Municipal nº 1007, 7940-313 Faro do Alentejo

Registration and NIPC 505609762

Capital stock: € 5,000.00

Phone: +351 284 415 360

E-mail: geral@montedopasto.pt

Monte do Pasto Lda is not responsible for damages resulting from any computer viruses, or any other situations beyond its control, which prevent the Site’s access and correct functioning.

Monte do Pasto Lda reserves the right to freely modify this policy in order to adapt it to the applicable legislation, without prior notice.

2. Services provided

Under the brand “True Born Beef”, Monte do Pasto Lda. offers, through the Site, the service of selling food products to the national territory of Portugal (“Products”).

Monte do Pasto Lda, through its Customer Support service, is available to assist Site Users in case of doubts or complaints.

3. User Registration

In order to make a purchase on the Site, Users must create an account by registering their e-mail address and password and, providing Monte do Pasto Lda. with the necessary data for the creation of the account. To this end, Users undertake to provide correct, reliable and updated information. Registration and account creation is free and does not imply any obligation to perform any other operation on the Site. Users must be of legal age to register, create an account and perform any operation on the Site.

After registering, the User will have access to his account and will be able to use it using the username and password he registered. These credentials, for which the User is fully responsible at all times, must be provided whenever the User wishes to log on. The User undertakes to keep his credentials confidential and never to publish or transmit them to third parties. The User undertakes not to create or use accounts other than the first registered account, either personally or through third parties. Users undertake to identify themselves in such a way as not to identify or suggest that they are another person, another site or user of another site. Otherwise, Monte do Pasto Lda. may close the account of such User immediately, without any prior formality and without the User having any right to compensation or indemnity.

Users undertake to inform Monte do Pasto Lda. about any fraudulent use or possible use of their name, identification, or credentials, immediately upon becoming aware of such fact or possibility. Users undertake to compensate Monte do Pasto Lda. if it incurs any damage, loss or expense as a result of the use of its credentials by a third party or access to its information with its knowledge, authorization or tolerance.

Monte do Pasto Lda. may, at any time, request that Users provide proof of their identity and address to validate their data and contacts during the term of their account and for a period of 4 years after their cancellation.

4. General Conditions of Sale


-You can place orders if you are 18 years old or older.

-To place an order through the Site www.truebornbeef.comIf you choose home delivery, you must register correctly, add the selected products to your cart, choose your payment method, and, if you choose home delivery, confirm that your area of residence is included in our home delivery zone.
Consult here

-When placing an order, always check the minimum amount so that the order can be delivered free of charge.
See here

– When placing an order, always check that your contact details are up to date. Upon finalizing the purchase, the User receives a confirmation in the e-mail previously provided in the registration, along with the order number, which will be required when receiving the order. The order is shipped within 2 to 5 days, depending on availability for delivery in the customer’s area of residence.

-We reserve the right not to accept orders or to cancel your order, even if already confirmed, due to lack of stock, in which case we will inform you and reimburse you for the amount received.


The prices of the products shown on the Site include VAT.

Monte do Pasto Lda reserves the right to change prices at any time. However, unless otherwise stated, prices will be valid only for the day they are announced, and Monte do Pasto Lda undertakes to apply the rates and prices indicated at the time of the purchase order.

If a computer, manual, technical, or any other error occurs which causes a substantial change not foreseen by Monte do Pasto Lda in the retail price, such that it becomes exorbitant or manifestly derisory, the purchase order will be considered invalid and cancelled.

The price of the products presented on the Site may be displayed by kilo (Kg.) in some products and by unit price (Unid.) in others, and some products may have both possibilities.

The total price of your order, shown in the order confirmation, is an estimated price, since there may be variations in average product weights, price differences in substitute products or possibly unavailable products. Only upon delivery of your order and upon submission of the invoice will you be presented with the final price.

Payment and Security:

Purchases made at www.truebornbeef.com are secure. The payment is processed by the company Paybird (in update) and its customers’ bank details encrypted and scam-proof.

After confirmation of payment, the order will be processed.


Visa / MasterCard

Payments by ATM can be made through the ATM network or through your Homebanking. Once the ordering process is complete, a Multibanco reference will be generated. The Customer will receive this reference in the order e-mail. To make the payment at an ATM, you must select the “Payment of Services/Purchases” option and enter the corresponding entity, reference and amount. Since the bank reference generated for payment has a limited validity period, failure to verify payment within that period will result in the order being cancelled.

Visa and Mastercard

You can pay by credit card, taking advantage of the liquidity and payment terms that your bank offers.

How is payment by credit card processed?

After selecting the credit card payment option and selecting “Checkout”, the customer will be redirected to the payment processor’s page. On that page, you must provide the necessary data from your credit card, namely its number, expiration date, and security code.

Payments are always made in Euros, even when prices are shown in other currencies. Some banks may charge exchange fees. Monte do Pasto Lda. is totally unaware of this fact, and therefore assumes no responsibility for it.


The order will be delivered to the delivery address defined by the User at the time of purchase. When the order is ready to be shipped, an e-mail and SMS will be sent informing you of the expected delivery date. The day before the delivery the customer will receive a new notification, via e-mail and SMS, informing the estimated time period for the delivery of the order and 30min before will receive a call to confirm that he/she is at the location, to ensure that the delivery is successful.

Return policy:

No returns are accepted, as these are food products. However, if the products requested in the order, for some reason, are not available and the customer does not want to wait for the replacement of the stock or exchange for other products, we will return the amount received.

Deadlines will have to be set

5. Use of the Site and Liability of True Born Beef

It is the responsibility of Users to ensure that all their actions and the content made available on the Site comply with applicable legal, regulatory and contractual provisions, including these T&C.

6. Rules of good conduct

Users undertake to use the Site and its functionalities, existing or future, in good faith and in accordance with the law, with courtesy and in a reasonable manner. In particular, Users undertake not to use the Site in any way that infringes or violates the rights of Monte do Pasto Lda or third parties, regardless of their nature, including fundamental rights and freedoms, personal or personality rights (name, image, good name, etc.), intellectual property (actor’s right, related rights, trademark right, designetc.) or others.

Users are aware that they may be held responsible for their conduct towards Monte do Pasto Lda, other Users and/or third parties. Monte do Pasto Lda is not responsible for the conduct of Users.

Users undertake not to disclose or share their personal data or banking details through the Site.

Users undertake not to make unfounded comments about Monte do Pasto Lda, the Site or other Users that may cause damage or harm the image or reputation of Monte do Pasto Lda, its employees and agents, the Services and other Users.

Any content considered contrary to this section will be the responsibility of the User who submitted, published or shared it, even if its publication or sharing implies the intervention of Monte do Pasto Lda, its employees or agents, or other Users.

The User who commits any act, content, performance or statement by Users that is likely to mislead, deceive, defraud, offend or, in any way, cause damage to Monte do Pasto Lda, its employees or agents, any User or third parties may be subject, at Monte do Pasto Lda’s option, and without prejudice to the requirement of compensation for damages that may eventually take place, to (i) warning or calling attention to the rules of good conduct, (ii) formal notification, (iii) temporary suspension or permanent interruption of access to the Services, the Site, its functionalities or the User account in question. Monte do Pasto Lda reserves the right, but not the obligation, to moderate the use of the Site when it is notified of behavior whose appropriateness is questioned.

7. Personal Data

Users ensure that the data provided during their registration and in any interaction with Monte do Pasto Lda are truthful, accurate and have been correctly entered. Users’ data transmitted to True Born Beef with the use of the Site and Services will be processed in accordance with the applicable European and national rules, in accordance with the principles of good faith, legality, transparency and confidentiality. Personal data will be processed in accordance with Monte do Pasto Lda’s Privacy and Cookies Policy (see here), which is an integral part of these T&C.

8. Intellectual Property

All content displayed or reproduced on the Site (text, images, illustrations, videos, audio, etc.) is protected by copyright under the terms of the law. The use of such content is only allowed under the terms of the law.

Monte do Pasto Lda does not authorize the reproduction of the site and its contents. Monte do Pasto Lda reserves the right to use legally available means to prevent or stop unauthorized use of such content and to be compensated for any damages that may result from such use.

The corporate names, brands, logos and other distinctive signs displayed or reproduced on the Site are protected by law. Monte do Pasto Lda does not authorize the reproduction of the signs it owns. Monte do Pasto Lda reserves the right to use legally available means to prevent or stop the unauthorized reproduction of these signs and to be compensated for any damages that may result from such reproduction.

9. Site Access

Monte do Pasto Lda will do its best to make the Site accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without prejudice to events of force majeure. However, for technical, maintenance or security reasons, Monte do Pasto Lda may need to suspend or interrupt, in whole or in part, access to the Site and its features and product sales, temporarily and without prior notice. Users accept the said technical interruptions and acknowledge that no right to compensation or indemnity will result from them.

Monte do Pasto Lda does not provide access services to the Site nor does it guarantee that the Site, its content and Services will be accessible, available and operational at all times, uninterrupted or undisturbed.

Monte do Pasto Lda reserves the right to change the Site, its contents, features and appearance. Monte do Pasto Lda may notify Users of changes made or to be made, but does not need their permission to implement them. Where such changes do not negatively or significantly impact the Services, the T&C will remain in effect without any change.

10. Applicable law and dispute resolution

These T&C, as well as the relationship between Monte do Pasto Lda and Users are governed by Portuguese law.

If it is not possible to reach an amicable settlement of any disputes arising from the application of these T&C or the use of the Site and Services, Monte do Pasto Lda and the Users agree to submit the dispute to the Portuguese courts.